・2021.03.22 ISO/TC334 Reference materialsのLiaison Category A memberに登録されました
・2017.08.14 「ISO/IEC 17025に関する改正委員会」参加報告
連絡先 日環協事務局 宇佐見または渡辺宛て
メールアドレス: info@jemca.or.jp
メール件名:「ISO/IEC 17025 委員会報告及びFDIS版(英語版)パスワード希望」
・2016.03.17 UILIにREMCOリエゾンAの資格が付与されました


・2020年 春季会議報告書
・2019年 春季会議報告書
・2018年 春季会議報告書
・2017年 春季会議報告書
・2016年 春季会議報告書
・2015年 春季会議報告書


2014.05.09 URGENT Call for nominations for the role of convenor for the proposed revision of ISOIEC 17025-1
2014.05.08 CONFIDENTIAL ILAC Ballot – ILAC PXXXX201X- Application of ISOIEC 170202012 for the Accreditation of Inspection Bodies
2014.04.28 ILAC Fees 2014
2014.04.16 ILAC – ILAC News – Issue 45
2014.04.14 ILAC News to be published this week
2014.04.09 Social Media Guide published by IAFILAC
2014.04.04 EGAC signatory status to the IAF MLA and ILAC MRA
2014.03.28 FW ILAC and IAF release World Accreditation Day Film
2014.03.21 New IAFILAC publications available
2014.03.20 Result of the ballot on the proposal for the revision of ISOIEC 17025
IAFILAC A1 and A2 published
2014.03.06 Urgent ReminderRegister for the IAF-ILAC Mid Term Meetings – Frankfurt 23 – 29 April 2014
2014.02.28 ILAC MCC – Request for Case Studies
2014.02.25 Further Harmonisation of activities within IAF, ILAC and the Regions
添付1 Further harmonisation Note
添付2-1 Further Harmonisation of Activities
添付2-2 Further Harmonisation of Activities
2014.02.21 Translation of WAD video text
添付1 WAD 2014 Translation 18.2.14
2014.02.17 ILAC News April 2014 – Request for stories, photos, etc
2014.02.14 ILAC Ballot Proposal for the revision of ISOIEC 17025
2014.01.31 ILAC Fees 2014 Stakeholder Invoice and LC Subscription Fee (UILI)
添付1 Inv 731 UILI
添付2 LC 01-2014
2014.01.24 World Accreditation Day 2014 promotional material available
Registration Notice for the Joint IAF-ILAC Mid-Term Meetings to be Held 23-29 April in Frankfurt, Germany
2014.01.16 Draft report on the APLAC Workshop on RMP Accreditation
添付1 CRM scope criteria APLAC NATA ptm
2014.01.14 Revision of the IAF-ILAC-ISO Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
添付1 IAF-ILAC-ISO MOU with clean presentation (updated on 12 Oct JSG untracked version)
2013.12.18 Seasons Greetings
2013.12.11 omment Period – Draft Minutes of the Seventeenth ILAC General Assembly, Seoul October 2013
添付1 ILACSEC-007.1.2013(17M)
CONFIDENTIAL Ballots for revision of IAFILAC A1 and A2
2013.12.10 Draft Minutes of the 13th IAFILAC Joint General Assembly – 24 October 2013
添付1 ILACSEC-008.1.2013 (JGA13M)
2013.11.29 Recent ILAC publications
2013.10.30 ILAC Comment period for ILAC P92013 Draft – ILAC Policy for Participation in Proficiency Testing Activities
ILAC P4, P5 and 17th GA Resolutions now available from the website
2013.10.25 RE Adopted Resolutions of the 17th ILAC General Assembly – 23 & 25 October 2013
添付1 Adopted Resolutions 17th ILAC GA 25 Oct 2013
Adopted Resolutions of the 17th ILAC General Assembly – 23 & 25 October 2013
2013.10.24 Draft resolutions for ILAC GA – 25 October 2013
添付1 Draft – final Resolutions 17th ILAC GA 25 Oct 2013
2013.10.22  Updated Papers for Agenda Item 7.4 Draft Budget for 2014 for the ILAC General Assembly
添付1 Ag 07.4b Attachment1_SecDutiesandPerformanceMeasures_4 Oct 2013
添付2 Ag 07.4a Draft 2014 Budget Updated 21 Oct 2013
添付3 Ag 07.4 Draft Budget for 2014 Updated 21 Oct 13
2013.10.16 ILAC – ILAC News – Issue 44
2013.10.14 ILAC PXXX201X comment period (Inspection document)
2013.10.09 Results of the ILAC Ballot Executive Proposal – ILAC Voting Rules – Clarification of Article 7.2
2013.10.07 Agenda Papers for the 13th IAFILAC Joint General Assembly
2013.10.05 Agenda Papers for the 13th IAFILAC Joint General Assembly
2013.10.02 Room Blocks for Seoul Meetings for Lotte and Ibis Hotels to be Released at the End of This Week
2013.09.27 RE [Toru MatsumuraIDEA] REGISTRATION for APLAC Workshop on Reference Material Producer Accreditation November 18-19-20, 2013
2013.09.26 Agenda Papers for the 17th ILAC General Assembly
2013.09.18  ILAC Ballots ILAC P4 and P5
2013.09.12 URGENT REMINDER Development of the ILAC Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020 – Member Questionnaire
添付1 ILAC Strategic Plan Questionnaire