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Environmental analysis requires precision and accuracy. JEMCA has a history of achievements in many training programs for the Certified Environmental Measurers, analysts and for personnel involved in environmental measurement businesses.

Studies of environmental measurement technologies

We pride ourselves in the studies of environmental measurement technologies for air, water, soil, noise, and vibration.

  • Development of specifications /standards/operating manuals for each of the measurements.
  • Participation in the revision of measurement Law and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).
  • Studies on the improvement of measurement technologies including cross check.
Study and research on technologies

We conduct studies and research on environmental measurement technologies upon request by governmental bodies and other related associations.

Assessment of the environmental measurement businesses

We analyze the status of the environmental measurement certification business and summarize the findings as Management Reports / Policy Papers.

Proposals and Cooperation with governmental bodies

We present recommendations and proposals on policy administration to relevant government agencies.

Study and research on required support for businesses

We conduct studies on business demands and the required support programs for the sound development of environmental measurement.

Study and research on standard man-hours

We study standard man-hours and operational systems to ensure the quality of the measurement practice.

Lectures / Training for Certified Environmental measurers

We facilitate lectures and training on the latest techniques/ methodologies and updated ordination of Certified Environmental Measurers.

Workshops and excursions

As part of the training program for the Environmental Measurers & Technicians, we organize workshops at headquarters and branch offices, and facilitate excursion trips to study measurement technologies.

Management seminars

We conduct management seminars to build capabilities and improve efficiencies of the enterprises engaged in the Environmental Measurement Certification business.

Proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons

Co-hosted with JSAC (Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry), JEMCA organizes the proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons for environmental measurement / analysis, based on IS0/lEC Guide 43-1 .

Participation in ISO

We participate directly in the ISO Accreditation/Certification program and in the TC (Technical Committee) program. Also, preparatory classes to be accredited to IS0/IEC 17025are conducted.


Among the member of the association are highly capable technicians and quality enterprises, who are awarded for their dedication to correct and legitimate measurement practices.

We share technology and information

Associtation’s periodical

A monthly periodical, “Environment and Measurement Technology”, is issued to provide policy and technical information. The attached preliminary report on amendments in related regulations, announced in the government gazettes, is receiving favorable comments.


Reports and books on environmental measurement technologies and related regulations are compiled and published.
【 List of Publications】
Statistical Methods for Analysts, National Examination for Certified Environmental easurers:Questions, Answers and Interpretations, A Guide for Certified Environmental Measurers, Shortcut to become a Certified Environmental Measurer Industrial Waste Analysis Manual etc.

We operate globally

JEMCA proactively communicates with organizations and agencies outside Japan, to exchange information an environmental measurement technologies. Our global activities, including organizing training / meetings abroad and inviting technicians to train in Japan, promotes technical cooperation on an international bases.


JEMCA is a member of UILI (Union Internationale des) Laboratoires Independants), and has many collaborators around the world.