JEMCA Building

JEMCA Building -Utilization & Activities

In recent years, the need to solve environmental problems is very prominent. Quality assurance and analysis of ultra trace substances are in demand, and the related legal system is also under development. Taking advantage of these opportunities, JEMCA, with its long-awaited new building, will exercise its obligation by building a comprehensive information database, both domestically and internationally,and by operating a variety of activities such as organizing basic training for environmental measurers, and providing technical / business information.

JEMCA will

  • Organize performance-based training in measurement skills to build technical capabilities of the affiliate members.
  • Organize lectures and workshops for qualification improvement.
  • Facilitate communication and information sharing between the affiliate members.
  • Facilitate communication with related organizations outside Japan.
  • Reinforce its function as secretariat.
  • Disclose information through the internet.

JEMCA’s website contains information on affiliate members, back number of the periodicals, and a database on policy, technology and business transaction in & outside Japan.

Orverview Building

Name JEMCA Building
(Construction completed on April 4th, 2002)
Building-to-Land-ratio 70%(+10% relaxation applied for fireproof structures)
Floor-area- Ratio 400%
Lot Area 374.54m2
Building Area 262.09m2
Architectural Area 1,271.99m2
Height of the Building 22.6m

JEMCA Buillding